I’m Ben, I’m 18 years old from Ipswich. I’ve worked alongside Spraww since November 2018 where I became an ambassador for Spraww. In April 2019 got I promoted to being an influential ambassador to work more closely with Spraww promoting a lot more products. I work part time in hospitality at holiday inn I’ve been a waiter for around 2 years now. I’ve always liked working around people as I always try to make the world a better place and to make someone’s day better or easier. I’ve studied level 2 sport when I was a semi professional footballer at Ipswich Wanderers academy.

I’m Jaiden, I’m 16 and I’m from London. I’ve been with SPRAWW for 2 years now. What I like about being with SPRAWW is that they make you feel like you’re part of the family. No matter where you come from, age, race etc you are always included. I study childcare in college and I plan to go to university and continue to study childcare as I want to work with children when i’m older. I love singing, modelling and working with children.

My name is Ame. I’m 18 and I live in Kent. I’ve been an ambassador for SPRAWW for about 8 months now and have loved working with the team! In my spare time I train Kyokushin karate which I have practiced now for coming up to 14 years. In the last 2 years my main achievements have been winning the British and European title.

My name Eridon Bushaj and I am 17 years old my experience with SPRAWW has been amazing and I really like the designs and the people and I’m really looking forward to try my best and promote the band everywhere so we all can grow and be successful in life it is my pleasure to work with SPRAWW.


Ellis Asante is a 16-year-old teenager who enjoys being an ambassador for SPRAWW. Ellis has only just finished secondary school, Ellis tends to spend most of his time listening to music and doing physical activities such as football , running and also going to the gym. Ellis is also very inspirational and creative, but most of the time he is very energetic and always quick to make others laugh.


I am a very outgoing person who loves to give back and offer people help and support when needed. I love shoes i’m a very big sneaker head my favourite branded shoes are Jordans, i’m also into fashion because it is very interesting how people put outfits together. I always like to dress color coded as i love things that match because it catches peoples attention especially in the summertime were you could see me dress in bright neon as it stands out. My goals are to be very successful in life have a stable job, always stay true to myself, humble myself and to just be the best person I can be. Another goal would be that  as I'm into fashion to see if I could get myself into modeling this is when I met SPRAWW. SPRAWW is a clothing brand/company who reached out to me on Instagram to become an Influential Ambassador to help reach out to many people promoting the brand on all platforms of social media to help the brand expand and get more noticed. To me SPRAWW is family, full of very energetic people, kind people, passionate people who like to get things done to help out the brand. We at SPRAWW share a very powerful relationship were everyday people are helping each other in our group chat, where we also shear laughs, play games and go on trips to build up team bonding. I believe my personal my relationship with the brand is good because we stay in contact all the time and SPRAWW always keep me updated when new things are coming out.           

I am Abbey Keshiro. I am very interested in fashion and also being a social media influencer. Family would be the most important thing to me. Being an ambassador for SPRAWW has been amazing, the communication and bond that the company creates with its ambassadors is very unique and it most definitely stands out! I enjoy being a part of the SPRAWW team, and I cannot wait until we get to our final goal. I plan to graduate to become a midwife when I’m older.



I am an enthusiastic individual that takes great pride in everything that I do, expressing this through focus and hard work. Working as part of a team is a factor that comes naturally to me as well as taking charge as a leader. I possess strong interpersonal skills and I have the ability to use my intuition when necessary.

My main interest in dance and basketball as I dance on Instagram and have a YouTube channel that I always post dancing videos on.

My favourite things about being with Spraww is that I get to see the best merch before it hits the website I also like the way how I’m in a group where manny different people are also promoting, I’ve had the chance to meet new people on the personal side of promoting and the friendly side.

In life I plan to be at the top of my game, I want to be able to give my children the father I never had and I want them to be much more then I was at a young age, I want them to be doing better then me. @SODTEEJI



My name is Rkstr James and I’m interested in urban fashion, music and sports - Particularly Basketball and American Football. In my free time I like to party and attend all types of networking events. I am working towards a life of hosting, promoting and creating my own events platform. I love being a part of the SPRAWW family because it connects explicitly with youthfulness, vibrance and the confidence to express all through their fashion pieces. I believe this represents and  reflect who I am.



A motivated individual that has creative talents in all areas..With my love for art and my passion for the latest trends, I knew fashion was my calling from a young age. I’m proud to represent fashionable products that are fresh, original, and timeless. With an intense passion for all things fashion, I’ve been involved in this industry since 2016. Although this has been a lifelong interest of mine, I only recently joined the industry as a freelance model but now part of the @kaashmodels agency. I have experience in modelling for 3 years and I am very confident in front of the camera. Moreover, I have modelled for several clothing lines like SPRAWW, Levi Ethan, Stack up, Hakkz, Thai, Alldat, OTC, ITHIP, Young & Fly, Weren’t Born Rich..etc. As well as having my interests in modelling, i love designing clothing art displayed in the Studio 3 Arts. Furthermore, took part in a street dance crew (Big Deal) at Studio3Arts where a few of my art masterpieces have been displayed too during 2016. Not only do I a model but also have experience in acting for short films/ adverts. @77.UNIQUE


My name is Cham and I have a passion for fashion. Anything to do with fashion I am there. One main thing that attracted me to the brand Spraww was how different their concept was by bringing a different type of design to the market. My future goals is to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Looking for my bio? It's coming!

 Looking for my bio? It's coming!

Looking for my bio? It's coming!


Looking for my bio? It's coming!



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